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Green Choice by Roberge Painting, Eco-Friendly Painting, Environmentally Responsible Painters, Earth Friendly Painting Contractor
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Detailed List of Products & Services Offered
Roberge Painting Company is a Professional Commercial Painting Contractor, Industrial Painting Contractor, Wallpaper Installer, Industrial Flooring Contractor, Seamless Flooring Contractor, Poured Flooring Contractor, Commercial Epoxy Flooring Contractor, and Earth-Friendly Painting Contractor

We serve New England / the Northeast including Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Maine, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and beyond. 

We can provide all labor, materials, tools and equipment necessary to complete installation of:

  • Eco-Friendly Painting
  • Seamless, Continuous Pour and Epoxy Flooring Systems and Epoxy Repair Services
  • Resinous Flooring (Anti-Bacterial / Anti-Microbial Flooring) 
  • Specialty Coatings for Industries including: 
    • Hospitals, Doctor's Offices, and other Medical and Health Care Facilities 
  • Pulp and Paper Flooring Industries 
  • Warehouses, Distribution Centers 
  • Clean Rooms 
  • High Traffic, Impact Resistant Floors and Highly Durable Floors
  • Anti-Abrasive and Stain Resistant Flooring Systems 
  • Anti-Skid Flooring and Anti-Skid Decking, Abrasion and Damage Resistant Floors 
  • Self-Leveling Underlayments 
  • Secondary Containment Flooring Systems. 
  • Tile and Wood Block Removal 
  • Mastic / Adhesive Removal 
  • Floor Scarifying and Floor Scraping
  • Industrial Machine Painting
  • Commercial Epoxy Garage Floors.
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Roberge Painting Company offers an array of Concrete Resurfacing Services and Flooring Restoration including: 

  • Concrete Coatings, Concrete Polishing and Concrete Repair and Concrete Restoration 
  • Sealants, Floor Sealing and Industrial Sealers.
  • Shotblast (or Bead Blasting & Blastrac) 
  • Concrete Surface Grinding using (Diamatic) and other Diamond Grinders 
  • Dust Free Grinding, Concrete and other Industrial Floor Polishing
  • Cleaning, Acid Etching and Floor Cleaning 
  • Concrete Flooring Paint 
Our USDA Approved flooring and FDA Approved Flooring is appropriate for use in:
  • Manufacturing Flooring Systems
  • Food & Beverage Manufacturing, Food Production and Production Floors and Preparation Facilities Flooring 
  • Military Facility Flooring 
  • Aviation Hangars, Hangar Flooring and Hangar Coatings 
  • High Traffic Public Area Flooring
  • Municipal Building Floors 
  • Animal / Veterinary Facility Floor Coatings and Systems 
  • Automotive / Repair Flooring 
  • Printing and Publishing Facility Flooring 
  • Plastics Industry Flooring 
  • Waste Water Treatment Flooring 
  • Restaurant & Bakery Food Preparation and Kitchen Flooring 
  • Emergency Facilities Flooring and First Responder Facilities
  • Fire and Rescue Facility Floors, Police Stations, Prisons and Correctional Facility Floor Systems
  • Chemical Processing & Plant Flooring 
  • Aerospace and Engine Assembly Areas 
  • Pharmaceutical Facility Flooring and Laboratory Flooring 
  • Electronics Manufacturing, Battery Charging Areas 
  • Dairy Industry and Poultry Industry Floors 
  • Athletic Facilities and Locker Rooms 
  • Broadcast Flooring 
  • Acid Room Flooring, Cooler and Freezer Room Flooring
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Our Flooring Products include brands such as:

  • Duraflex 
  • General Polymer 
  • Valspar Epoxies 
  • Dev Floor Products 
  • MMA Coatings 
  • International Coatings Private Label 
  • Partsmaster 
  • (polymers / polymer systems, urethanes) 
  • Acid Brick Systems 
  • Aquafin 
  • Covercrete 
  • Duraflex 
  • Koster 
  • Retroplate 
  • Stonhard flooring 
  • Tennant 
  • Tenemec 
  • Ucrete and many others 
  • Other Flooring Systems and Services include:

    • Commercial and Industrial Flooring
    • Commercial Garage Floors
    • Dust Proof Flooring 
    • Urethane Flooring and Urethane Mortars 
    • Moisture Vapor Emissions Systems, Vapor Mitigation Floors and Water Stop Flooring 
    • Conductive and EDS Floors 
    • Chemical Resistant Coatings 
    • Trench Repair Systems 
    • Thermal and Temperature Resistant Flooring 
    • Troweled Resurfacers / Trowel Applied Mortars, 
    • Acid Staining and Acid Etching
    • Decorative Saw Cuts, Decorative Epoxy and Decorative Resinous Flooring
    • Decorative Sand Flooring, Decorative Quartz Flooring and Decorative Flake Flooring
    • Spark Proof Coatings, Shock Resistant Flooring and Conductive Floors
    • Maintenance Friendly and Easy to Clean Flooring 
    We are listed in Connecticut Painting Contractors Directory at

    Roberge Painting Company: "more than just a painter!"

    Roberge Painting Company & Epoxy Flooring Contractor Industrial Painting Stripe

    Roberge Painting Company & Epoxy Flooring Contractor Industrial Painting Stripe

    Roberge Painting Company & Epoxy Flooring Contractor Industrial Painting Stripe

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    Green Choice Eco-Friendly Painting
    painting services
    seamless flooring
    wall covering
    gallery of our work
    about us
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